Justin Sandercoe -- Smal town eyes -- Producer, Engineer, Mix
The Lost Society -- The loneliness of the long distance runner -- Producer, Engineer, Mix
White Lies -- To lose my life...--Engineer, Programmer
Dominic Miller -- November --Engineer
Season Of Mists -- Film Sountrack--Engineer
Lo-Star -- Forthcoming Album--Engineer
The Lightyears -- London, England--Engineer
Fireworks Night -- A Mirror, A Ghost--Producer, Engineer, Mix
I Was A Cub Scout -- I want you to know that there is always hope--Engineer
Raygun -- Unreleased Material--Engineer
Guillemots -- Unreleased material--Engineer
Madness -- Sorry (single)--Engineer
Hypo Psycho -- Somebody Someday--Producer, Engineer, Mix
The Holloways -- So this is Great Britain?--Engineer
Modest Mouse -- Ocean Breathes Salty (single)--Engineer, Mix
Eliot -- The small hours--Producer, Engineer, Mix
Van Hunt -- Studio Live recordings--Engineer, Mix
Jim Laslett -- Elysian Fields--Engineer, Mix
Kishmauve -- Kishmauve EP-- Engineer, Mix

And of course many more not mentioned here...