I was born in the heart of Southern Spain, where the sun burns your skin and Flamenco resonates on every corner. I got sucked by the world of music during my early teens, starting by picking up the guitar and later taking a deep interest in sound recording, which led to a few months of training followed by many hours working with a different array of musicians in several studios around my city.

I moved to London before the turn of the century to get closer to a music scene I had been a fan of throughout my life. After some formal education and many hours mixing cocktails behind the bar I started working at Stanley House Studios, starting as an assistant engineer and quickly moving to engineer many of the incoming sessions, working with some great (and some not so great) artists and producers. After a few years at Stanley House I left to pursue a freelance career, and have since then contributed to the creation of some great music, working in many different locations with a long list of interesting artists and producers, one of them being the legendary Hugh Padgham, engineering his work for the last four years and becoming his right hand man.

To this date I still get excited about music like I did back in my hometown all those years ago, hoping to be part of many more great recordings for many years to come.